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Marc A. Thompson

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Nicki Allison [The Letter; Lizard; Geraniums; Mary's Kitchen; Hot Summer]; Anita Benton [It's All Gone]; Amy Renae Bettis [Sharp Rocks]; Mike Bradley [Citizens' Hill]; Karen Brewster [Princess in Flight; Creating Fear; Man With Cane]; Michael J. Brown [Losing a Battle, Winning a War: Yossarian and Dunbar in Catch-22]; Angel Y Bryant [My Cross to Bear]; George N. Buck [peep]; Kirsten Burkart [Gretta Lived]; Ron Dockery [Memory of the Fair; White Fence and Shadow; Untitled Photograph]; Mary Drew [The Crystal World]; Angela N. Eades [Ambervision]; Jon M. Estep [And There Appeared An Angel Unto Him From Heaven]; Mike Gamble [Two Untitled Photographs]; Andrew Gellene [You and i]; Jeff Harris [The Barn]; Mike Holsomback [Death of a Clown; Legacy #84]; Katherine T. Houser [Pedestrians]; Kristie D. Huffman [Figure Study; Under the Red Moon; Night Rails From Hell]; Rosemary Huskins [Untitled Photograph]; Sherry L. Johnson [Doorway; "Fowl Play" Logo; Plumbing; "Wave" Radio]; Beth Kopp [Sissy Blue]; Serena Winglin Lau [Puppet]; Susan Marie Lewis [Ralph; Myth America]; Rebecca B. Lehnen [#9]; Nell McGrady [Poetry Reading; Dehydrated Man]; Tom K. McKnight [lsh; Appalachian Kennings]; Dale Penley [Art at Night]; Melissa M. Rasnake [The Liberated Husband; 4/7/87 (Originally)]; Richard Righter [Ideal Barbershop]; Susan Roper [Red Autumn; Shadow; A Page From A Soldier's Diary]; Holly Russo [The Hunt; Icarus]; Nancy Schaefer [Baby Jane; These Are Not Paper Dolls]; Angelina Shankle [Persian]; Melissa Carol Stanley [First Climb]; Bryan K. Stevens [A Child's Loss; Mystery]; Lisa Sumrall [Thin Blue Lines]; Chris Lynn Taylor [Scarecrow's Soul]; Lon Tobin [Sacraments of Goodbye]; Tommy Warden [The Lost Universe]; Cathy Whaley [Subterranean Neurotic Blues: The Progression of Woody Allen's Wit Through Cinematic Analysis]

The Mockingbird