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Marc A. Thompson

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Rebecca Alford [Spell Dance; Motion; Waves]; Fathi Bakkoush [Pac-Wiz Promotion Poster; Rolling Stones, U2; Farage; Farage Fashion lnc.; Chiquitita]; Chris Ballard [Birds of a Feather…; Rage; Victim of a Tough Society; Ozymandias; It's Just a Matter of Time; Body Rhythms]; Theresa A. Bellamy [Gradation]; Theresa Bellamy [Human Grid]; Donna Bowles [Wood Nymph]; Angel Y. Bryant [Lie In Wait; The Appalachian Paradox]; Kathleen Cornett [Motherhood – by Degrees]; David Crigger [Faith; Lost Childhood]; Barbara Edens [Of Demons Within]; Carolyn Gilliam [Underground]; Bibi Hall [To Air is Human]; Linda S. Hensley [Where Freedom Does Not Ring]; Mike Holsomback [Before a Mirror; Crucifixion Scene III]; Sara Honeycutt [Seated Woman]; Katherine T. Houser [Baker's Gypsy; Somnabulism; French Kisses]; Sandra Hunt [Eyes of the World]; Christine Lassiter [Thirty-Seven Days]; Charles Lawson [Matthew's Boat]; W. Eric Layne [Home?; Relief #1]; Richard Lilly [Night Air]; Jenny Lokey [Untitled Photograph; Flags; Pond Lily, Bays Mountain]; Robert L. McDonald [Burn Therapy]; Nell McGrady [Blessed Erratum; Prelude: Daughter at Eleven; Resurrected Baptist]; Tom K. McKnight [Red-Headed Step Child]; Douglas Miller [The Cellar]; Joseph A. Moriarity [Quilting, Exchange Place; Bank Vault]; Todd Norris [The Hills Whisper]; Dede Norungolo [National Geographic: A Look at Ethiopia]; Timothy Perry [Twelve Midnight]; Richard Righter [Life; Time; Feeding the Cows]; Janet Robinson [Gravesite]; Susan Roper [A Bible Salesman's Psalm; Consummate Combustion; Solar Eclipse]; David Rowe [The Dream; Untitled – New York; Exit]; Melissa Smith [Awaiting News]; Melanie Spangler [Charlie Chaplin]; Mark F. Thompson [Osborne; Menken at the Globe]; Lon Tobin [The Waters of the Toe River Below Lost River, N.C.; Gnoskw and the Vsam Wizard of Hell]; Cathy Whaley [A Spiritual Journey into the Self]; James J. Wilson [Two Untitled Photographs]; Andrea Worley [Composition #1188]

The Mockingbird