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Rick A. Davies

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Marlane Agriesti [The Place Between; Flasher; No Revelations; The Executive]; Ted Aguirre [Photograph]; Rebecca Bates [Print]; Annaleah Brown [Metamorphosis; Birthday Ode/Birds in Crystal]; Jon Buchanan [Two Photographs]; Tony Clark [A Family History; An Old Man, At Nightfall; Hate Sonnet, to the Alleged Witch Who Moved from Our Neighborhood When I Was Ten]; Eydie Cloyd [Lines or Maybe Seeing My Soul]; Raymond Goodfellow [Print; Untitled Artwork]; Michael Griffin [Drawing]; Jerry Hagaman [Two Untitled Artworks]; Dennis Hoback [The Torn Veil]; Katherine Honour [Autumn]; Brian Knave [The Many Once, the Many Never]; Cheryl Light [Official Space]; Ted Lindsay III [Print]; Ellen Markland [Mother Life's Birthday; The Ballad Of Jake Merritt, a Railroad Man]; James Mintz [Sunday Entertainment]; Sherri Nealy [Untitled Artwork; Photograph]; Lee Nutting [Photograph; Untitled Artwork]; Rita Quillen [Discovered]; Ginger Renner [City in My Womb; Gold]; Kaye Sanders [Drawing; Untitled Artwork]; Ralph Sanders [Drawing]; Bonny Stanley [Only Nuns Fret Not; Margot]; Lyn Thompson [Two Untitled Artworks]; Amy Tipton [For Wesley Weems---A Christening in Two Traditions; Untitled Poem]; Ruth E. Waller [Of You]; Charles Warden [Untitled Artwork]

The Mockingbird