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Greg Dykes

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Ben Addison [Ted]; M. Louise Armstrong [The Rendezvous]; Carl Bergman [Photograph]; Bill Boyd [Photograph]; Michael Burnette [Photograph];Jim Cole [Photograph]; Rick Davies [The Mission Bell]; Darla Davis [Moody Mountain; Ode to Grandmother’s House]; Scott Davis [Nightshades]; Jim Devault [Photograph]; Phyllis Dickenson [Timesteps; With Eyes That Cannot See]; Lorna Garrison [Alone (A Protest Against Obstetric Wards)]; William Gillespie [Photograph]; Hunter Gilliam [Silently…]; Frank Greally [A Typical Night at A. P. Carter's Store; Blue Lady]; Jackie Grindstaff [January 16: Down the Street]; Kris Hawkins [Photograph]; Mark Helton [The Wind]; Katherine Honour [The Everglades]; John Howze [Last Dance]; Grey Jewell [Untitled Poem]; Tom Lawhon [All the Laughing Hands]; Jerry Leonard [Tangled Webs; “Innocence: Won or Lost” or “Down at the Old Swimming Hole”]; John Lyons [The Music Continues; The Touch]; Ellen Markland [The Day We Got Religion0]; Randy Mitchell [Detroit]; Norma Myers [You Can Never Be a Part; Bundled Up Inside…]; Elaine O'Quinn [Oracle]; Dennis Powell [Print]; Michael Roberts [Waves]; Zane Scarlett [Two Photographs]; Jamie Smyth [Tension Pulses…]; Lee Stone [Print]; Bill Tingle [Print]; Gail Watkins [For My Dearest One Lost; Two Untitled Poems]; Gretchen Whisnant [Calligraphy]; Barbara Yantz [The Touch of Your Life…]

The Mockingbird