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Brandi Eveland-Sayers

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Andy Dotterweich


BACKGROUND: The Aspire program is an eight-week program for troubled youths around the Canberra, Australia community that is run by former Canberran of the year and Canberra Raiders Captain Alan Tongue. The program aims to build self-esteem, develop social skills, help teach the effects actions have on others, understand how practice and hard work provide support, give purpose in life, and teach other practical, lifelong skills. During the program, Alan uses a combination of various activities including fitness, teamwork, discussion, writing, and self-reflection to help youth see their potential. PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to examine the lasting effects of the Aspire program. METHODS: Twenty-six of last year’s participants across six schools were interviewed ten months after the program had taken place. Qualitative data was taken via group discussion, while quantitative data was taken via an eleven-question survey. RESULTS: Overall, the program received positive feedback from both the students and the youth workers in both qualitative and quantitative responses. CONCLUSION: The Aspire program had a positive effect on the participant’s behaviors, confidence, and outlook on life after ten months post-program.


East Tennessee State University

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