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Dr. Ranjan Chakraborty

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Health Sciences

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Dr. Sean Fox, Dr. Hugh Miller


Iron is an essential nutrient for the proper functioning of many bacterial physiological processes. A deficiency of iron in bacteria can cause inhibition of cell growth and changes in morphology. Under iron restricted environments, microorganisms seek out different methods of acquiring iron. Our lab reported that RhizobiumLeguminosarum ATCC 14479, a gram-negative soil bacterium, is capable of utilizing heme as the sole source of iron. This work focuses on identifying and sequencing the hmuPSTUVoperon to assess its’ possible role in heme utilization in R. leguminosarum biovar trifoliiATCC 14479. We have confirmed the presence of this operon and have completed the sequencing of each gene involved in the operon. We have used in-silico analysis to assess the possible function of each gene. In the future, gene knockout will be performed to confirm the function of the hmuPSTUVoperon.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Withheld

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