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Fine and Performing Arts Honors

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Andrew Scott Ross

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Art and Design

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Dr. Scott Contreras-Koterbay, Patrick Cronin


I wished to present a body of work that visually represented my own meditative process of managing stress and anxiety. Towards the end of studying for my undergraduate, I began preparing for my Final Exhibition Show, and with these preparations, my life, as well as my work, changed drastically. Within the past two years, my drawings began to take on a meditative therapeutic process. It was this development that then helped manage my growing stress levels and well as the symptoms that stemmed from high levels of anxiety and bloomed from losing control in my day to day life. It was then conceived, through this carefully crafted systematic means of creation, the notion that my mind could relax and take time to resolve the matters that plagued it, while at the same time, construct something artistically productive. While drawing, I achieved a juxtaposition of varying means of visually representing the idea of control and order within my work as well as within my mind and body. It was this, the creation of these drawings, that hence became my meditative escape in managing my stress and anxieties as well as my obsessive compulsive tendencies, where; without structure, had the potential to turn self-hindering and painful.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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