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Charles Allen Gorman

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Management and Marketing

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Charles Allen Gorman, Dana Harrison, Phillip Miller


In this study, the subject matter evaluated is the difference between the United States and Latin America concerning the practice and acceptance of servant leadership. This research compares the practice and the acceptance of servant leadership between the United States of America and Latin America. In order to do this, a cross-cultural comparison was conducted between these two groups. The objective was to find the differences in the leadership styles of these two groups and subsequently analyze the results. The Hofstede’s cultural dimensions were used to be able to compare cultural differences, and understand why these differences appear in the societies of the two groups studied. A survey was conducted in order to gather different feedback from individuals of the U.S. as well as from Latin America. The approach for this research started by analyzing the results of the survey and dividing it into the two cultural groups. The results were tested using a one tailed t-test for the mean difference of independent samples. This research provides information on how and why leadership styles differ between the two groups studied and what are the characteristics that people seek in leaders of these two groups when testing servant leadership between the U.S. and Latin American samples.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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