Honors Program

Fine and Performing Arts Honors

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Thesis Professor(s)

Todd Emma

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Engineering Technology, Surveying, and Digital Media

Thesis Reader(s)

Scott Koterbay, Greg Marlow


The Story is one of the oldest forms of communication between humans. Various methods have enhanced and updated the Art in a variety of ways since the concept was created. In modern times, a story can exist in multiple mediums because of the variations that humans use today to tell stories. I present an artistic project that will show my development of an original universe, plot, and characters into a storyline introduction for enjoyable purposes. The belief was that these ideas I created could succeed in multiple formats, but I would need to narrow it down and test what I had created. I chose two different mediums, a Written Narrative and a Video Game, as means to tell my story as much as I could within the time frame. By using the opinions of others, I’ll learn if either project can be successful in telling my story and which method offered the best experience with my particular story ideas to share with an individual.

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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