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Simulation as a pedagogy is used extensively to educate healthcare professionals in both academic and clinical arenas with the intent to improve the delivery of care and patient outcomes. Advanced practice nursing (APN) programs use simulation as a pedagogy even though APN accreditation and certification organizations prohibit substituting simulation hours for the minimum 500 clinical hours. The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore faculty perceptions of educating APN students using simulation. Focus groups were conducted with a convenience sample of APN simulation faculty. Disruptive innovation theory was used by the researchers to guide the data analysis. Themes emerging during analysis included: 1) extrinsic tension and pressure in the midst of chaos, 2) internal vulnerability, and 3) passion and tenacity to remain resilient. The study results provide clarity to understand integration of APN simulation in the current environment, and introduce the impact of simulation as a disruptive innovation.

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