Report of the 2019-2020 AACP Academic Affairs Committee: Developing the Pharmacist Workforce for Society’s Medication Use Needs in 2030

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The 2019-2020 Academic Affairs Committee was charged with identifying promising practices in academic-practice partnerships and professional pharmacy organization initiatives that are accelerating the transformation of a workforce prepared to assume responsibility for society’s medication use needs in 2030 and determining the role AACP can plan in supporting these partnerships and initiatives. The committee identified a set of ideal principles, characteristics, and design elements of a high-quality, large-scale workforce development program. The committee also categorized current mechanisms for professional workforce development, in addition to identifying their strengths and weaknesses, with the realization that novel approaches are needed to accomplish the goal of large-scale workforce trans-formation. This report also highlights two existing initiatives aligned with accelerating the transformation of the workforce (ie, the Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN) ACT (Academia-CPESN Transformation) Pharmacy Collaborative and the American Pharmacists Association ADVANCE platform) and is proposing a policy statement affirming AACP’s support. Further-more, the committee is proposing another policy statement supporting colleges and schools of pharmacy taking an active role in implementing innovative and novel approaches for the development of the current workforce. In order to truly understand the many factors influencing large-scale workforce transformation, the committee is also proposing a stakeholder conference with a wide range of participants and a targeted set of questions focused on current and future needs.