Are Online Resources for Evidence-Based Practices Useful

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Because many websites claim to provide information about evidence-based practices (EBPs), consumers must know the information and practices are based upon quality research. Practitioners may intend to locate trustworthy online sources providing EBPs, but if those sources are not easy to navigate and lack implementation resources (i.e., are accessible), then practitioners may be more likely to access less trustworthy sources for instructional strategies and materials. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to evaluate websites, identified as trust or trust with caution, to determine whether they demonstrate a level of usefulness for practitioners. Thirty websites, classified as trust and trust with caution, were reviewed for usefulness and results indicated 14 (46.7%) websites were found to be useful, nine (30%) websites were categorized as somewhat useful, and seven (23.3%) websites were determined to be not useful. Suggestions for future research and implications for practice are provided.