Analyses of Reaction Rate Data for the Simple Hydrolysis of Acetic Anhydride in the Acetonitrile/Water and Acetone/Water Cosolvent Systems Using Recently Developed Thermodynamic Rate Equations

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This article presents reaction rate data for the simple hydrolysis of acetic anhydride in the acetonitrile/water and acetone/water cosolvent systems and regression analyses using recently developed thermodynamic rate equations that contain electrostatic and solvent-solute terms. The isomole fraction plots for these reaction systems are linear, and previous theoretical work has shown that the electrostatic term is negligible for such systems. On the other hand, the reaction rates are dependent upon the cosolvent mole fraction, indicating that the solvent-solute term, which is modeled empirically, is significant. The results of the analyses provide the foundation for a paradigm shift away from the emphasis on electrostatic effects to more tenable explanations of kinetic behavior in solvent systems.