Constructing Solutions for Tomorrow's Needs: An Analysis of Clinical Questions Asked During Morning Report

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Objective: To determine if the types of questions asked at the morning reports conducted by two East Tennessee State University Quillen College of Medicine residency programs, family medicine and pediatrics, and to determine if the databases used by clinical librarians to answer the clinical questions give the Quillen College of Medicine Library (QCOML) insight for future database purchases and end-user training.

Methods: A review of questions asked over a six-month period in two primary care morning reports was conducted. Each question was categorized according to the type of question (i.e., therapy, diagnosis, etiology, or prognosis) by two independent reviewers. A third reviewer was used to adjudicate differences in the two reviewers’ decisions. The search results from the morning report questions were also reviewed to see which databases were used to answer the clinical questions.

Main Results: The percentage of question types was compared between the two programs during the time period of January 1, 2007–June 30, 2007. For every foreground question, the question was then classifi ed as therapy, diagnosis, harm, prognosis, or other. Each morning report then had their questions broken down into a percentage to show how many of each type of question was asked. The results of the questions were analyzed to see which databases were used in answering the questions. The residency programs were then compared to see if any differences existed between them.

Conclusions: The analysis will serve as a gauge for the type of training needed or desired by the residents. The data show an overview of the questions asked that will further aid the QCOML librarians in determining databases and resources that will be most useful to the residency programs.


Chicago, IL

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