Partnering with an Area Hospital to Provide Senior Consumer Health Information

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Objective: The purpose of this project is to provide better consumer health information and services to a patient population of a hospital-based nursing home.

Methods: A hospital partnered with an academic medical library and obtained National Network of Libraries of Medicine funding. Wii devices with television monitors were purchased to improve physical activity in the nursing home. All nurses were trained to use MedlinePlus, and computers were made available for their use to search MedlinePlus in the nursing home. MedlinePlus materials were added to the consumer health library in the hospital, and DVD players were purchased to use for watching consumer health videos.

Results: The capacity of the nursing home and hospital to deliver consumer health information to patients and their families has been improved.

Conclusions: A small project like this is a great way to introduce a health care system to the services and products of the National Library of Medicine and empower the staff to better provide consumer health information.


Minneanapolis, MN

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