Reevaluating Point-of-Care Resources: Community Engagement in Difficult Collection Choices

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Objectives: The objective of this study was to better understand the needs of users of an academic health sciences library.

Methods: A focus group was conducted using structured interviews. The groups interviewed consisted of three students each from Medicine, Pharmacy, and Physical
Therapy. Interviewees were probed as to their experience with the library facility and the information training they received in their professional schools. Another focus group was conducted with six participants. Two faculty members each from Medicine, Pharmacy, and Physical Therapy were interviewed. Faculty were asked about the information training they provided students. The data was analyzed for trends using qualitative software.

Results: Better relationships were developed between library users and staff. Staff enjoyed learning the focus group methodology and thought it was a valuable tool. New insights were gained for current and future library operations.

Conclusions: A focus group is an excellent research tool for assessing the information needs of users, the degree to which the library is filling those needs, and learning of new needs


Greeeville, SC

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