Influence of Facility Atmospherics on Spectator Attendance

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The purpose of this study was to explore spectators’ level of satisfaction toward atmospherics in the sport environment—facility—and to show the influence atmospherics has on spectators’ intention to attend sporting events. A group of undergraduate students (N = 145) attending men’s basketball games at a typical NCAA Division I mid-major university responded to a survey. The respondents indicated that they were satisfied with event security and ticket pricing and close to satisfied with all other variables, but they were dissatisfied with parking and merchandise price. A principal component analysis and a discriminant analysis were conducted to identify which constructs better differentiate respondents attending fewer games (one to five) from those attending more games (six and more). Results show that entertainment and facility atmosphere contribute to attracting spectators to the games, but facility services contribute to avoidance behavior. In addition, implications and future research options are given.

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