Communication in Culturally Diverse Families

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Book Summary: The Routledge Handbook of Family Communication offers a comprehensive exploration and discussion of current research and theory on family interaction. Integrating the varying perspectives and issues addressed by family researchers, theorists, and practitioners, this volume offers a unique and timely view of family interaction and family relationships. With a synthesis of research on issues key to understanding family interaction, as well as an analysis of many theoretical and methodological choices made by researchers studying family communication, Family Communication serves to advance the field by reframing old questions and stimulating new ones.

The contents are comprised of chapters covering:

-Theoretical and methodological issues influencing current conceptions of family

-Research and theory centering around the family life course

-Communication occurring in a variety of family forms

-Individual family members and their relationships

-Dynamic communication processes taking place in families

-Family communication embedded in social, cultural, and physical contexts

Highlighting the work of scholars across disciplines--communication, social psychology, clinical psychology, sociology, family studies, and others--this volume captures the breadth and depth of research on family communication and family relationships. It will be of great value to researchers, theorists, and practitioners focusing on family interaction and family relationships, and also serve as a text for graduate-level coursework in family studies, family communication, relational communication, and related areas.