Transition of Care for Young Adults With Cleft Lip and Palate: Clinical Toolbox for Teams

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A brief overview of adolescents and young adults with CLP and their multidisciplinary needs will be presented and a service delivery model for transition of care described (Vallino & Louw, 2017). The key components of the clinical toolbox to be discussed are: 1) communication strategies and styles with adolescents and young adults, 2) practical strategies for preparing and supporting the adolescent, young adult, and their families for the transition of care, 3) tips for developing self-management of health through health education and health promotion, 4) assessments and protocols as outcome indicators incorporating the domains of the ICF with an emphasis on self-report to gain a holistic perspective of function and QOL, and 5) outcome indicators of transition of care for individuals with CLP.


Tuscon, AZ

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