Improving Self-management Skills through Youth Centered Communication

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Purpose: We tested relationships between patient-centered communication (PCC), relatedness to health care providers, and autonomy around health care management among youth with and without mobility limitations (MLs) and examined whether the relationship between PCC and autonomy was mediated by how connected youth feel to their health care providers.

Methods: Stratified multiple regression models were used to examine predicted associations for youth with and without MLs.

Results: PCC was significantly associated with relatedness to health care providers and autonomy for managing health care among youth with and without MLs. After controlling for covariates, evidence of mediation was observed among youth without MLs but not for youth with MLs.

Conclusions: For youth without MLs, mediation suggests that youth's connection to their health care provider contributes to higher levels of health-related autonomy. For youth with MLs, independent of feeling connected to health care providers, more frequent PCC resulted in higher levels of health-related autonomy.