Is Doubling Up on Positive Future Cognitions Associated with Lower Suicidal Risk in Latinos?: A Look at Hope and Positive Problem Orientation

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In the present study, we examined hope and positive problem orientation as additive predictors of suicidal risk, namely, hopelessness and suicide behavior, in a sample of 155 (37 males and 118 females) Latinos. Consistent with expectations, we found hope and positive problem orientation to be associated with lower suicidal risk. In addition, results of conducting hierarchical regression analyses indicated that hope accounted for significant variance in both indices of suicidal risk. Moreover, the inclusion of positive problem orientation as a predictor was found to account for additional unique variance in both indices of suicidal risk, beyond what was accounted for by hope. Finally, results of conducting additional analyses indicated a significant Hope × Positive Problem Orientation interaction effect in accounting for suicidal risk. Some implications of the present findings are discussed.