Defragmenting Clinical Systems in Achieving the Triple-Aim: Examining How to Strengthen Professional Integration Inherent in Integrated Care

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Professional identity drives the development of work force, commitment to goals and objectives, and the extent to which an organization like CFHA flourishes. However, many clinicians have simply "found" their way in terms of professional identity and roles within primary care, and tend to struggle with divergences between their identified disciplines and the roles they find themselves within an integrated care model. Behaviorists who strongly identify with their roles as a primary care provider within integrated care will inherently be a driving force in achieving the objectives of the Triple Aim Model. The aim of the session will be to address how training programs, corporations, and national associations like CFHA can foster professional identity through a lively panel discussion representing various disciplines working in integrated care models. The intent would be to offer up some solutions and ideas leading to improved professional identity, there by positively impacting the cost, outcomes, and effectiveness of patient care as intended by the Triple Aim Model.



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