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"Practice transformation" toward team care as a singular undertaking can be daunting. In this presentation, we describe the development of a mechanism for small, iterative and sustainable practice changes toward team care known as "Champion Teams." Champion Teams are based on the Institute of Medicine's "learning health care system" approach in which practitioners develop an internal mechanism for and culture around digesting and implementing new evidence based practices on an ongoing basis. In addition to presenting the Champion Team concept as a strategy for implementing new team care initiatives, interprofessional providers will present two case examples from each adult and pediatric primary care. At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Define the term "learning healthcare system" and its application to Champion Teams.
  • Describe the utility of and keys to implementing Champion Teams.
  • Describe two examples of Champion Teams and the application of this mechanism to making data-informed changes toward team-based care in their own setting.


Rochester, NY

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