Dermoscopy: Opportunities for Learning, Teaching, and Research

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This roundtable discussion will give family medicine educators and researchers an opportunity to come together and strategize about how to increase the penetration of dermoscopy within our residency programs. Attendees can include family physicians with years of expertise in dermoscopy along with beginners wondering how to get started. We will share ideas about how to learn dermoscopy along with a handout listing the many free online and digital resources available. A discussion will be facilitated about best methods for teaching dermoscopy to interested residents and faculty. We will also share current research and provide opportunities to collaborate on new research into the best methods for teaching dermoscopy. Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:
Identify online and digital resources for learning and teaching dermoscopy.
Discuss the pros and cons of the various dermoscopic algorithms that can be the foundation for a dermoscopy curriculum in a family medicine residency.
Collaborate to launch research to help inform family medicine educators about the most effective methods for teaching dermoscopy.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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