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January 2010


We calculate the circularly polarized Stokes V(λ) profile for emission lines, formed in hot-star winds threaded with a weak radial magnetic field. For simplicity, the field is treated as a split monopole under the assumptions that it has been radially combed by the wind, and rotation is not playing a central role. Invoking the weak-field approximation, we find that the V(λ) profile has a characteristic “heartbeat” shape exhibiting multiple sign inversions, which might be mistaken for noise in the absence of theoretical guidance. We also conclude that there is a tendency for the V(λ) profile to integrate to zero on each side of the line separately. The overall scale of V(λ)/I(λ) is set by the ratio of the field strength to the flow speed, B/v, characteristic of the line-forming region, and is of the order of 0.1% for a wind magnetic field B ≅ 100G at depths where the wind speed is v ≅ 100 km s−1.