Running Out of Time, Hard-Boiled, and the 24-Hour Cityscape

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Book Summary: The first comprehensive collection on Hong Kong neo-noir cinema, this book examines the way Hong Kong has developed its own unique version of noir since the late 1940s, while drawing upon and enriching global neo-noir cinemas. With a range of contributions from established and emerging scholars, this book illuminates the origins of Hong Kong neo-noir, its styles and contemporary manifestations, and its connection to mainland China before and after the 1997 Handover.

Case studies include classics such as The Wild, Wild Rose (1960) and more recent films like Full Alert (1997), Exiled (2007) and Shinjuku Incident (2008). It provides a fresh look at the careers of iconic figures Johnnie To, Jackie Chan and Fruit Chan. By examining the films of émigré Shanghai directors, the cool women killers, the hybrids and noir cityscapes, Hong Kong Neo-Noir explores the complex connections between a vibrant cinema and global noir.