Debunking the Myths: Experts Address Controversial Questions Related to Exercise and Health

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Within Exercise Science, there are ongoing debates among health and fitness professionals over exercise related health questions. It can be difficult to discern myth from science when there are poorly designed research studies or limited evidence to unequivocally answer the question. Therefore, the purpose of this symposium is-to have a panel of experts provide research-based evidence related to three controversial topics often posed to exercise science professionals. First, within the weight loss community there is frequent debate over the role of exercising in the fat burning zone for weight loss. Dr. Ed Howley will address the questions: what is the fat burning zone, and what is its significance for those trying to lose fat? Secondly, there has been an interest in the concept of a runner's high and some early research linked this phenomenon to brain endorphins. Dr. Pat O'Connor will address the questions: is there a physiological basis for euphoria associated with exercise and what role do endorphins play in this phenomenon? Lastly, the health related benefits of cardiovascular and resistance training are well documented, but the importance of stretching for health and sports performance is less clear. Dr. Mike Stone will address the questions: does research support the role of stretching in enhanced health and athletic performance and are there situations in which stretching might be considered contraindicative?


Charlotte, NC

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