Effects of a STEM Preschool Professional Development Model on Teachers, Coaches, and Children

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Preschool STEM is important for later learning for all children, including dual language learners (DLLs). However the preschool workforce is generally not well prepared to teach STEM or to work with DLLs. The objectives of the SciMath-DLL professional development (PD) model are to increase preschool teacher knowledge and improve classroom instruction around science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), improve educators’ attitudes toward teaching STEM, enhance classroom supports for dual language learners (DLLs), and improve coaching. This paper reports on the effects of participation in SciMath-DLL workshops, individualized reflective coaching cycles (RCCs), and professional learning communities (PLCs) on educators and children in a qualitative design and development study. Future work will test effects experimentally.


Austin, TX

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