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Fall 2015


The purpose of this website study was to get feedback from recently admitted students to discover if the site was meeting their needs and expectations for information regarding the program and processes. Websites are often the first contact a student has with a university and, especially for those seeking a degree online, could potentially leave students with more questions than answers. After a thorough examination of the current website, an open-ended survey was created and distributed through SurveyMonkey in an attempt to gather information regarding the content and usability of the current site. Because of the responses, changes were made to the content and layout of the website including links to provide easy access to the application, tuition information, and academic calendar. Included in this paper is background information on websites and the department, as well as the purpose, results, list of improvements, and future planned phases. As a result of this study it was anticipated that issues would be brought to light and would lead the department to make effective changes that would improve the experiences of online students that rely on internet based resources for their information.

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