Accessing Grade Aligned Language Arts: Researching an Ipad App

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This presentation will inform participants on a study targeting teaching Middle School ELA skills via an App to students with significant disabilities. Based on results of an IES SBIR grant funded single subject study, participants will learn about apps to make accessing the general curriculum motivating and easy to use while promoting best practices and future directions for inclusive practices. At the end of this session participants will be able to: Identify evidence based practices built within an English/ Language Arts app to for students with significant disabilities (e.g., story based lessons, constant time delay, system of least prompts). Gain knowledge on creation and research behind the app. Identify strategies to teach grade aligned Common Core standards in English/ Language Arts, such as adapting grade appropriate texts, and embedding target vocabulary, target comprehension across Blooms Taxonomy. Gain knowledge about future directions for expansion of the app to cover more English/ Language Arts standards. Identify resources for meaningful access to the general curriculum using a variety of text depicting diverse populations for individuals with significant disabilities, including autism.


Washington, DC

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