Improved Management of Pediatric Obesity in the Primary Care Setting Through Implementation of the Healthy Care For Healthy Kids Obesity Toolkit

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Pediatric obesity has become a major health care concern over the last several decades. This condition can lead to detrimental life-long physical and mental comorbidities. Pediatric primary care providers have a unique opportunity to both prevent and treat pediatric obesity in their clinics. However, discussing this topic with families can be uncomfortable and time consuming. Time efficient resources to educate and increase confidence are needed to improve the management of pediatric obesity. This quality improvement project integrated the Healthy Care for Healthy Kids by the National Institute for Children's Healthcare Quality (2014) into the electronic medical record at a pediatric primary care office in rural East Tennessee. This toolkit included handouts, management algorithms, and provider education for pediatric obesity. After an 8-week implementation period, improvements in lab draws and evaluation of a family's readiness to change were noted. Overall, providers reported the toolkit was helpful and improved patient interaction. Currently, the clinic is still utilizing the integrated resources and handouts.