Why a Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Engineering Technology and Why Now?

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There is presently a shortage of qualified Biomedical Engineering Technology (BMET) job applicants. This trend will be exacerbated by the approaching retirement of many of the baby-boomer BMET professionals. As a result of these shortages, hospital-related employers often hire people with a strong electronics background but a limited or absent specialization in BMET. Many of these employees are graduates of two-year Associate Degree Electronic Engineering Technology (EET) or closely associated BMET programs. Some applicants have a military electronics background. Only a handful of applicants come from the very few Bachelors Degree programs such as the program at East Tennessee State University. Why would someone enter the Bachelors program in BMET when he or she could enter the BMET profession in half the time and for significantly less costs? The answer is expanded professional and financial opportunities during his or her professional career.