Evidence Based Practices in Action: Perspectives from Teachers in the Field

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This presentation highlights teachers', who were chosen for an Office of Special Education Programs Teacher preparation grant, experiences in implementing evidence based practices. Specifically, the presenters share their experiences of applying evidence based practices in their classrooms with the goal to increase inclusion for students with significant disabilities. The presenters will share the strategies that they have found most successful and discuss how to implement these strategies to promote inclusion.

Learning Objectives:

1) Be able to identify 3-5 evidence based practices that address a variety of learning needs of students with significant disabilities.

2) Generate 2-3 ideas to increase inclusive practices by implementing evidence based practices for people with significant disabilities.

3) Share their own experiences in implementing evidence based practices in the classroom to improve inclusive practices for persons with significant disabilities.

To do this, the presenters, who are teachers selected as part of an OSEP funded teacher preparation grant, will discuss how they have applied their knowledge of evidenced based practices to improve the inclusive practices for persons with significant disabilities at their schools. Under the guidance of their faculty mentors, several teachers will provide information about a variety of evidence based practices, how they implemented the practices within their school setting (pre-k to 21) and any obstacles they faced as well as how they overcame each obstacle. Topics may include the following: (a) self-determination, (b) family involvement, (c) person centered planning, (d) teaching academic skills (e) positive behavioral supports, and (f) data based decision making (Browder, Wakeman, et al., 2007; Jimenez, Mims, Browder, 2012; McDonnell; Copeland, 2011; Westling & Fox, 2009; Wood, Fowler, Uphold, Test, 2005). The presenters will also share the outcomes of their implementation of strategies.

This session is unique as it encourages engagement between attendees and several practitioners with demonstrated leadership skills who are passionate about increasing evidenced based inclusive practices to promote change within their school setting for students with significant disabilities. The teachers who will be presenting work with students from culturally, linguistically and economically diverse backgrounds. Individualized attendee needs will be considered throughout the presentation to ensure full participation by all. Information will be presented through visual and auditory means.


Portland, OR

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