The Zeeman Effect in Hot-Star Winds With a Split Monopole Magnetic Field

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We calculate the circularly polarized Stokes V(λ) profile for emission lines, formed in hot-star winds threaded with a weak split monopole magnetic field. Invoking the weak-field approximation, we find that the V(λ) profile has a characteristic shape with the ubiquitous sign reversal across line center, but also with a sign reveral in each wing. For the optically thin lines treated here, we also conclude that the V(λ) profile integrates to zero on each side of the line separately. The overall scale of V(λ)/I(λ) is set by the ratio of the field strength to the flow speed, B/v, characteristic of the line-forming region, and is of the order of 0.1% for a wind magnetic field B ≅ 100 G at depths where the windspeed is v ≅ 100 km s-1.