Building a Culturally Responsive Framework for Students with Intellectual Disability to Increase Postsecondary Outcomes

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This session will provide a framework for assisting culturally and linguistically diverse students with moderate-severe intellectual disability. Strategies for general curriculum access, academic instruction, meaningful collaboration with families and educators, as well as suggestions for enhancing postsecondary outcomes will be provided. . 1. Participants will identify components of the proposed culturally responsive framework (universal design for learning, self-determination, safe learning environments, technology, multiple opportunities to respond, primary language support, integration of culture in learning, and systematic/explicit instruction) to assist CLD students with moderate-severe ID in the preparation of postsecondary opportunities. 2. Participants will summarize strategies to increase parental involvement during academic and transition planning. 3. Participants will identify various postsecondary opportunities that exist nationwide for students with moderate-severe ID.


St. Louis, MO

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