Mesoporous Silsesquioxanes with High Contents of Surface Amine Groups

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The objective of this work is the synthesis of highly functionalized hybrid organic/inorganic materials by the polycondensation of bis[3-(trimethoxysilyl) propyl]amine in the presence of surfactants. High contents of amine groups were achieved by carrying out the syntheses without an inorganic cross-linker. The silsesquioxanes obtained had a mesoporous structure. The stability of their porous system in the absence of an inorganic cross-linker was enhanced by the precursor's bridged structure. The material structures were studied by FT-IR spectroscopy, Porosimetry, X-Ray Diffraction and Small Angle X-Ray Scattering methods. A material prepared in the presence of dodecylamine as a template had a higher surface area and narrower pore size distribution while the use of sodium dodecyl sulfate resulted in the formation of mesopores with a wide size distribution. Surface amine groups in silsesquioxanes were accessible for adsorption of small molecules of acidic nature.