Equine Synteny Mapping of Comparative Anchor Tagged Sequences (CATS) From Human Chromosome 5

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Comparative anchor tagged sequences (CATS) from human Chromosome 5 (HSA5) were used as PCR primers to produce molecular markers for synteny mapping in the horse. Primer sets for 21 genes yielded eight horse-specific markers, which were mapped with the UC Davis horse-mouse somatic cell hybrid panel into two synteny groups: UCD14 and UCD21. These data, in conjunction with earlier human chromosome painting studies of the horse karyotype and synteny mapping of horse microsatellite markers physically mapped by FISH, confirm the assignment of UCD21 to ECA21 and suggest that UCD14 is located on ECA14. In addition, our results can be used to substantiate previously published data which indicate that ECA21 contains material orthologous to HSA5p and HSA5q, and to propose an approximate region for an evolutionary chromosomal rearrangement event.