Family Support and Other Social Factors Precipitating Suicidal Ideation

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To examine the effects of family support and demographics on suicidal behavior, 385 subjects completed a demographic questionnaire and a Suicidal Ideation Questionnaire (SIQ). Sixteen percent described themselves as “serious” ideators, while 59% were seen as ideators, numbers consistent with past suicide research. Multiple regression analyses revealed that the type of caregiver a person reported having while growing up accounted for a significant amount of the variance on ideator status. Serious ideators were more common among single parent house holds. Although many demographic variables were assessed, only the primary caregiver a person had as a child impacted their status as a suicidal ideator. This suggests that suicidal behaviors may occur due to a complex interaction between social factors and childhood care. The influence of living in a single-parent home may contribute to whether or not a person considers suicide.