Internal Reproductive Organs of the Female Humpbacked Fly, Megaselia Scalaris Loew (Diptera : Phoridae)

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The female reproductive system of the humpbacked fly Megaselia scalaris Loew (Diptera : Phoridae) was examined in whole mount preparations and serial sections. The system includes 2 ovaries, paired lateral oviducts, a common oviduct, and a genital chamber, opening externally through a gonopore, anteriad and ventrad to the anus. The ducts of the 2 accessory glands open independently into the dorsal region of the genital chamber. The terminal duct of a 2-armed spermatheca joins the right posterior and ventral wall of the genital chamber, immediately inside the gonopore. Passing dorally, the spermathecal duct lies immediately ventral to the duct of the right accessory gland. A short distance posteriad, it divides into two branches, each supplying an arm of the spermatheca. The genital chamber extends both anteriorly and posteriorly from its junction with the common oviduct, creating anterior and posterior compartments. In the right lateral wall of the genital chamber, a distinctive loop-shaped thickening (plate) resembles a darkened thread when it is observed through the integument. Features likely to have taxonomic utility include the posterior and ventral location of the terminal portion of the spermathecal duct; and the asymmetrically arranged, loop-shaped plate.