Current Practices in Hosting Non-Us Pharmacy Students at US Pharmacy Schools in Experiential Clerkships

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Objective: To provide specific considerations for hosting non-U.S. pharmacy students at U.S.-based colleges/schools of pharmacy (C/SOP) for experiential clerkships and training. Findings: A literature review (2000-2016) in PubMed, Google Scholar and IPA databases was conducted using specific keywords. Recommendations and future directions for development of experiential rotations for non-U.S. students in U.S. experiential rotations are presented for both the home and host country. Summary articles and best practices across the disciplines, as well as expert opinion, were found across U.S. models for hosting non-U.S. students in advanced practice rotations in the medical disciplines. Consistent themes regarding legal agreements, acculturation, standardized calendars and social and safety considerations were considered for inclusion in the final document. Conclusion: Development of a successful experiential rotation/training for non-U.S. students requires consideration for well-developed objectives, qualified preceptors, multitude of legal and cultural considerations and recommendations for longevity and sustainability.