Appalachian Wind: A Faustian Tale for Oboe by Ljova Zhurbin

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This presentation is the premiere performance of a new musical composition for solo oboe, bluegrass band, and narrator. This new work combines the diverse musical traditions of Western classical music and Bluegrass with storytelling to reflect the unique cultural heritage of Appalachia. Appalachia is home to a rich and diverse cultural heritage that reflects its history of immigration. The modern oboe is a double reed instrument of French lineage that has served an important role in the development of the modern symphony orchestra. Bluegrass music also has European roots, but is a uniquely American genre reflecting the region’s rich history of immigration and integration of cultures. Bluegrass and Western classical music each have respective traditions in the method of music performance, composition, and dissemination. This performance is the premiere of a new musical composition commissioned for oboe soloist, bluegrass band and narrator. Incorporating a newly written narrative that reflects Appalachian storytelling and literary traditions, the piece incorporates the instruments, methods of performance, and musical style of the two musical genres. Re-imagining Faust’s tragic tale for this unique instrumental ensemble, this innovative work incorporates the dramatic tale of a desperate man who makes a deal with the devil to win the heart of an enchanting oboist.


Johnson City, TN

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