The graph Theory of Peter J. Slater

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We have listed many of Pete Slater's most important papers, which generated a lot of interest in the graph theory community. We have also listed a sample of some of the interesting graph theory concepts which he introduced or helped to introduce. And we have listed a sample of some of his more interesting paper titles. A complete listing of all 238 of his publications would take some 23 pages; due to page limitations we do not list them here. Instead, they can easily be found using either MathSciNet or Google Scholar. The MathSciNet source provides Math Reviews abstracts of all of Pete's publications, while Google Scholar shows current citation numbers and provides links to pdfs of many of Pete's papers which can be freely downloaded. We conclude with some photographs. Obviously, the research of Professor Slater is vast and continues to have an enormous impact on Graph Theory. We miss you, Pete!.

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