Preparing College/Career Readiness Through Integrating Science Learning with Literacy in Grades 6-12

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With the increasing globalization, and the increasing need for a scientifically literate population, it is essential that secondary school (Grades 6-12) students not only receive meaningful science and literacy instruction, but also see the seamless nature of how each informs the other. A LEA-IHE-Business partnership initiative was interested in two research perspectives: How does cross-discipline instruction benefit and enrich each subject discipline? How does integration of science learning with literacy in G6-12 impact college/career readiness? This opportunity provides a chance for 120 Grade 6-12 Science and ELA teachers from ten school districts to join with ELA and Science faculty and STEM professionals to form a strong professional learning community focused on the integration of Science-ELA. The purposes of this presentation are: 1.) to describe the project that paired secondary school science and ELA teachers for the purposes of developing integrated lessons; and 2.) to report preliminary findings about this project.


Gatlinburg, TN

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