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Ertapenem is an antibiotic commonly used to treat a broad spectrum of infections and is part of a broader class of antibiotics called carbapenems. Unlike other carbapenems, ertapenem has a longer half-life and thus only has to be administered once a day. Previously, a physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model was developed to investigate the uptake, distribution, and elimination of ertapenem following a single one gram dose in normal height, normal weight males. Due to the absorption properties of ertapenem, the amount of fat in the body can influence how the drug binds, how quickly the drug passes through the body, and thus how effective the drug might be. Thus, we have revised the model so that it is applicable to males and females of differing body mass index (BMI). Simulations were performed to consider the distribution of the antibiotic in males and females with varying body mass indexes. These results could help to determine if there is a need for altered dosing regimens in the future.

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