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Presented here is a bibliography representing a core collection on the Celtic and Roman religion in Roman Britain. This religion, which was formed from the mixing of Celtic and Roman religions, was truly a new religion. It was formed from two powerful but different religions. The Celts believed in nature and the power it held within everything in their world. The Romans believed in the power of their pantheon of gods and goddesses. When these two factors merged it produced a religion unlike any other in the world during the Iron Age. This bibliography will list the resources to form a core collection to be used for researching the Celtic religion and Roman religion. It will also provide resources for researching what became the religion of Roman Britain and how it can be examined through burials. It provides a variety of information from historians and archaeologist who have studied these religions in depth. Many academic libraries may already include several of the primary sources in their collections, which will minimize the cost of setting up this specialized collection.

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