Beyond Compliance: Authentic and Engaged Online Teaching and Learning

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In this time of human disconnect brought on by technological advances and cultural changes involving communication, educators sometimes struggle to create communities of engaged learners in the online environment. Davis, Sumara, Luce-Kapler (2008) wrote, “teaching is not about replication but about creating something new through moments of connection and reconnecting with one another, with the past, and with the environment” (p. 13). We will discuss, strategize, and develop plans to create online courses that move beyond asking students to “comply” with evaluation criteria or to repeat information found in instructional materials. During this session, participants will develop course, assignment, and/or lesson plans, focusing on ways to increase instructor presence as well as active, engaged, and authentic teaching and learning via projects, student-to-student interactions, and faculty-student interactions.


Johnson City, TN

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