Lessons From the Team Care Playbook: Recommendations for COVID-19 Vaccination Dissemination and Uptake.

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For too many of us, the implications of a worldwide pandemic unfolded in graduated stages of understanding that seemed too sluggish for the opponent we faced. For too many of us, even those of us in health care, the unfolding was terrifying; we felt blindsided and unprepared. If coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) were a bully picking a fight, they got the first punch in before we even raised a fist. Now, many rounds in, health care teams will have an opportunity to deploy a new weapon against COVID-19. Vaccines are coming. We do not know when, who will pay for them, or the logistical aspects (e.g., storage and administration). We do not even know how effective they will be. Moreover, we must plan for mass vaccination in a chaotic and politically charged context that bears little resemblance to the ones with which we have experience. Nevertheless, in this fight, vaccines could be our winning blow. We are getting better at working with unknowns and in disrupted environments during COVID-19. We have some time to prepare, and we have some extant knowledge and experience in vaccine distribution and uptake. Health care teams can use these to best their adversary, and we can and should begin now. The aim of this article is to discuss how to mobilize interprofessional teams within systems of care to engage best practices in vaccine dissemination and uptake in the unique COVID-19 context. We begin by discussing challenges to dissemination and uptake and then provide solutions using our experiences in the primary care system.