Persons With Histories of Traumatic Brain Injury and Problematic Sexual Behavior: An Exploratory Analysis

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Persons with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) who have engaged in problematic or illegal sexual behavior present with complex assessment and intervention needs yet remain understudied within the empirical literature. In the current exploratory analysis, important differences in adaptive and clinical functioning, adverse childhood experiences, and criminal offense history are examined in 25 persons with previous brain injury, 118 persons with intellectual disability but no known TBI, and 103 persons with no history of brain injury or intellectual disability, all of whom have engaged in problematic sexual behavior and who were residing in secure forensic inpatient care. Group differences were examined using comparisons of means and chi-squares. Results highlight important differences in education and employment experiences, diagnostic presentation, exposure to childhood maltreatment, and justice system involvement and characteristics of their sexual offense victims. Associations with prior literature and future research directions are discussed.