Submissions from 2024


Supplemental Materials for "How diverse, equitable, and inclusive are open and affordable course materials?", Ashley D.R. Sergiadis, Philip Smith, and Mohammad Moin Uddin

Submissions from 2022


Appendix 3: Comparison of Pharmacists’ Scoring of Fall Risk to Other Fall Risk Assessments, Peter C. Panus, Kelly L. Covert, Samuel C. Karpen, Zachary F. Walls, and Courtney Hall

Submissions from 2017


Supplemental Data, Russell J. Ingram, Foster Levy, Cindy L. Barrett, and James T. Donaldson


Supplementary Material for "Physician Role in Physical activity for African-American Males Undergoing Radical Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer", Faustine Williams, Kellie Imm, Graham A. Colditz, and Bettina Drake