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MA (Master of Arts)



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Otto Zinser

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David J. Marx, Roger C. Bailey


The purpose of this research project was to replicate, refine, and extend research by Zinser et al. (in press) of the site-name, associative memory of male and female college students of nearby to very distant geographic sites. A test booklet included eight schematic aerial maps. The maps were of 20 to 50 geographic sites participants attempted to match with their names. The number of campus buildings, campus city sites, regional cities, U.S. cities, U.S. states, world cities, world countries, and world continents/bodies of water matched correctly were determined. A demographic questionnaire was also presented. Overall, men performed significantly better than women on the U.S. cities measure, world cities measure, world countries measure, and world continents/bodies of water measure. These results were interpreted to be consistent with the hunter-gatherer theory.

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Thesis - Open Access


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